The Magic Of Ignorance

Hopefully you could feel the sarcasm I put into that title. If not, Welcome to Out Of My Mind, a Blog where I literally write my thoughts, and try to make them relevant to mental health! So anyways, you have probably (hopefully not) dealt with a lot of ignorant people in your mental health journey, I know I have. The worst part is, it can pretty much be anyone, even the ones you rely on the most, like your parents, your partner, or even your doctors. In my case, it was my father, whom I don’t quite care for at this current moment in time. He, although it seems he was suffering himself, didn’t believe in mental illness, or medication. He was the only reason that I wasn’t put on meds until 3-4 years after my initial diagnosis. Not only because I was still under 18, therefore under my parents “guidance”, but also because I held him in a rather high regard back then.

When I’m scrolling through my socials, or watching the news, I am constantly reminded of how stupid some people are. How they, willingly, let ignorance take over their minds. I mean, I don’t really blame them, because as humans we are programmed to choose ignorance due to fear. If we are afraid of something, it’s best to just keep it away, and not try to understand it. My generation, the millennials, were raised a little differently then those before us. We were taught to be open minded, and try to learn about what we don’t understand, to fill in those spaces in our knowledge currently occupied by fear. Though, I will admit, it does take a certain degree of intelligence to be able to comprehend this practice at such a young age. I consider myself to be rather smart, but I was ignorant myself until around 17ish. It wasn’t a period in my life that I am proud of, but you can’t change the past, only learn from it and move on. So now, I am happy to say that I hate no man, woman, or non-binary person because of anything that they are born with (gender, sexual orientation, etc.) And while I do have my opinions on some things, like religion and vaccinations, I mostly keep them to myself as not to get anyone upset. While I would like to say that ignorance is defeated by knowledge, that isn’t quite the whole story. Knowledge does indeed increase understanding of the unknown, you also have to have an open heart. Not literally an open heart, because I don’t know how you’re still alive if your heart was open, but a figurative open heart. All the knowledge in the world could still lead itself to ignorance without a compassionate understanding of that knowledge.

I hate to say it, but inorance is still rampant in today’s society. I mean look at my country, the US, we have a president who is openly racist and mysoginist, yet there are people who try to rationalize his words and actions, because he’ll make America great again. The only way that America will be great again, in my mind, is if we become a world leader in equality (of all kinds). But hey, what do I know, I’m just some random mental health blogger. Anywho, that’s all for now, from my mind to yours, Alan Wolfgang, signing off.

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